Should You Tip Your Limousine Driver

Just like most professional services, limousine drivers take great pride in providing the best services to their clients. They work diligently to ensure that your experience goes off without any hitch. So, whether it’s a wedding, a night out with friends or a date, if a chauffeur provides you with great service, the best thing you can do is to show your appreciation.

Tipping a limousine driver is a topic that has raised confusion among most people. You may be wondering whether it’s okay to tip a limo driver. And if it’s okay, how much should you tip? Should the tip be included in rental fees or you just give it to your driver? So, if these are your concerns, check out the following answers to get it right.

Should you tip your limousine driver?

Before deciding how much you should tip your driver, you need first to understand how this industry works. Of course, we know that it’s their responsibility to provide you with the best services. However, you will notice that limo drivers spend most of their time escorting their clients to their important events and ensuring they meet their deadline for plane drop-off.

Now, this is not a simple thing for most people. Although they work for a living, being a chauffeur calls for patience, attention to details, and punctuality. So, it’s good to show you appreciate their commitment. Tipping them is a nice gesture.

Also, most limo service drivers rely on tips to supplement their hourly pay. Most professionals today, like hairstylists, waiters, bellhops, and chauffeurs, earn below the minimum wage rate. So, giving them a generous tip will improve their earnings, hence resulting in better and committed services.

How do you tip a limousine driver?

As the rule of thumb, you should tip ranges between 15% and 20%. Wait, before giving out your tip, you need to do the following first.

Ask if tipping is okay

This varies depending on where you are. Some cultures not only disapprove tipping but also take it as an insult. So, if you are traveling in a limo abroad, you need first to find out what are the company’s policies regarding tipping before reaching your wallet.

Ask whether your tip is included in your bill

Some limo companies automatically add a tip to their clients’ bills. For example, a bride and a bridegroom will unlikely to have cash on them during their wedding day. Thus, their tip will be added in their fees. So, whatever the reason is for renting the limo, you need first to understand the company’s policies to avoid embarrassment.

All in all, tipping your limousine driver is great. Limo drivers are professional service givers just like any other industry. So, tipping is a nice gesture to show your gratitude.